New figures 9-11-2014!

With all the great gashapon this week we also got some cool figures and statues.  One of the coolest figures we got is the Legacy of Revoltech Kenshiro from Fist of the Northstar.  The figure looks great and comes with tons of accessories.  Legacy of Revoltech is particularly cool because its all rereleases of your popular Revoltech figures.   

Just in time for the Halloween season, we also got the Figma Flyboy Zombie from the classic Dawn of the Dead.  This one has pretty amazing blood splatter details that can be moved and played with.  My favorite detail! 

We got in some pretty great figures from Sega too!  PM Tentative name: Rei AyanamiSebastian Michaelis and Kanmusa Akagi.  The Rei photo is courtesy of a happy customer!  

Now for some of my favorite toys ever, Chiki Mon! We got Chiki Mon: Pigmon and Chiki Mon: Twin Tail.  These guys wind up and roll!   

Lastly we got some models from Sgt. Frog!  Kururu Robo, Kururu Yabui and Tamama Samurai Soldier.  Enjoy! 


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