New Stuff--Rangers, Sailors, Beasts, Scouters and so much more! 9-19-2014

We got so much in last Friday and I am just NOW getting around to blogging about  We got some new and amazing stuff along with some restocks of popular merchandise.  Lets start with some great restocks:

SPACE GODZILLA!!!! Yes!  This is the last of the Space Godzillas straight from Bandai.  No mas, nunca. I can't say enough how much I love SH Monsterarts for their articulation and this one in particular for its great box art.  

We also got back in stock the Sh Figuarts Black Ranger.  He sold so fast at C2E2 but we finally got him back in!  We also got the Sh Figuarts Red Armored Ranger.   


Some new and some restocks from Eva.  We were able to get back in a very popular model of Eva Test Type Unit 1 from Kotobukiya.  We've had a LOT of great feedback about the quality of these models, specifically the pose ability.  In addition to the Eva model, we also got The Robot Spirits: Eva Unit 2 Beast Mode! Holy hell this looks amazing! So crazy detailed.  Comes with a base. I can't wait to see this bad boy out of the box.  POST PICTURES!!!!  


So Excited that we were able to get more of the Naruto Silicone Trays.  One tray features Naruto, Jiraya and Kakashi.  The other tray features Sasuke and Itachi.  These Kotobukiya trays are very flexible.  You can bake with them or use them as more traditional ice, jello or chocolate molds.  One of the pictures below is from one of our awesome customers!  Thats white chocolate :)   


Star Wars fans will be excited to see our new Artfx snap together statues. We got Darth Vader and Storm Troopers.  These are really nice!!! My super nice husband should buy them for me!  


We also got in the cutest thing ever:  Nendorid version of the pop idol herself, Hatsune Miku version 2.  She is just as adorable as you can imagine in nendoroid form.  As always, nendoroid figures do not disappoint with numerous accessories, faces, and pose ability.  


The Nakama team also got its favorite Nakama crew member: Figuarts Zero Monkey D. Luffy in his Battle Form.  


Dragon Ball Z....wow we got a LOT of DBZ.  SOOOOO much DBZ.  Ok....here goes:  Dragon Ball Z Scouters in Blue, Pink and Green.  You can now check your power levels.  Spoiler Alert.....they are over....8000?  I don't remember.  Scouters do in fact make noise.  They are REALLY fun.  We also got a restock on SH Figuarts Super Saiyan Goku as well as SH Figuarts Goku.  Lastly, we got some Dragon Ball Z Majin Buu Threat Capsule R Trading Figures.


Last but certainly not least comes some very cute Sailor Scouts.  These ladies are Sailor Moon Petit Chara mini figures.  They feature Super Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Chibimoon, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, plus one rare Luna-P figure.  Trading figures are blind box.  They. Are. ADORABLE!


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