New Releases 10-2-2014 Eva, Marvel, Muv-Luv Models and POP!

Goodies this week!  Crazy beautiful merch and as always I'm having a ton of fun going through it all.  

First up lets talk about this beautiful CCP Eva Unit one statue.  Wow.  I don't like to post stock photos but its a little hard to see how incredible this statue is.  I say again, wow.  


We also got Revoltech #139 Evangelion Type-08 Beta.  Great figure with lots of Revoltech detail and quality.  Tons of articulation.  


Not to be outdone, we also received Capsule Q Evangelion 3.0 Heroines which are very high quality mini figures.  Asuka, Rei and Mari look fantastic!  


So, it wasn't JUST Eva this week.  We also got some Marvel Bearbricks which are pretty great! Check out Bearbrick Venom and Bearbrick Wolverine.



Muv-Luv fans will also be pretty pumped as we got not one but two models.  EF-2000 Typhoon Cerebus and TE SU-47 Berkut Plastic Model Kits from Bandai.    


We got a badass Grengus C3 from Sofubi Classic.  


Last but not least is Portrait of Pirates Don Quixote.  He's impressively big and his pink coat is pretty much the most amazing thing I've seen all day.  



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