New Releases! October 10th

New stuff this week and lots of it!  

Lets start with  Ultraman Vs. Kamen Rider trading figures.  Features Kamen Rider and Ultraman doing awesome stuff.  The display I opened was Ultraman on his badass bike.  Really nice detail on these mini figures!


We also got some great Chiki Mon figures featuring Gudon and Red King:  



In other Kamen Rider awesomeness we got in a vinyl Kamen Rider Drive figure, Kamen Rider Drive DX Shift Cars, SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Ryugen Grape Arms and SG Tokkyu Ressha Trading figures!  The SG Tokkyu Ressha figures feature: Lion, Eagle, Wildcat, Alligator and Panda.   


For our Gundam fans we got Gundam Assault Kingdom #5 trading figures.  These figures are AMAZING.  Very detailed and highly pose able.  

17 : GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II
18 : GN-000 0 Gundam (Type A.C.D.)
19 : RGM-89D Jegan (D-Type)
20 : MS-06F Zaku II


Our new Pokepla is adorable!  We got Mega Lucario VS MegaBursyamo, PikachuCharizard Evolution S,  and Mewtwo.  


We got lots of sad customers last time our Fist of the Northstar Legacy of Revoltech Kenshiro sold out. Happy days are here again! We got a restock!  ANNNNND we were able to get Legacy of Revoltech Zeeddan and Rei!  Again, Legacy of Revoltech is kind of a great brand.  Re-releases of popular figures.  Meaning we al get to enjoy fair prices on figures that we all need in our lives.  So, thanks Legacy of Revoltech.


 We also got Legacy of Revoltech Convoy (Optimus Prime)!  


Great Dramatic Showcase figures of Luffy and Zoro. Really nice price and good size figures. 


We got an adorable plush of Bebe from one of my favorite animes Madoka.


 For Monogatari fans we got Shinobu Oshino PVC statue.  


I'm also pumped that we got Toy Works Collection Sword Art Online trading figures.  Features characters in their fairy forms.  I want them all! 


Just in time for the Letterman performance we got Hatsune Miku trading figures.  Features all your favorite Vocaloids.  


For the ladies, we got in Sailor Moon Ear Phone Charms.  These are pretty great--they are designed to go on ear buds!  CUUUUUTEEEE! 


Gamers we didn't forget about you.  First up is an adorable Shimakaze no Rensouho-chan Charm from Kancolle Collection.  Adorable.  


Monster Hunter fans rejoice!  We got in a bunch of goodies including:  1/1 scale Nyan Nyan stick.  Use the face as a shield and the stick...well presumably for hitting. We also got in Plush Teo Tescattle and Plush Gravi-Moss.  


Nakama Toys is nothing if not gigantic Megaman fans.  So as always we try to get some good Rockman stuff in!  This week we got cool stained glass trading mascots as well as two sticker sets.  


What good video game discussion would be complete without a little Mario?  We got in some great Ultra Detailed Figures of  Mario and Luigi from the Mario Bros. arcade game.  


Last but not least we got in SH Figuarts Iron Patriot.  This guy looks great, ultra detailed and lots of goodies for playing with including hands, cannon and even shooting effects.  He's cool!  













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