WOW! Tons of new stuff: Kamen Rider, Michael Jackson, Alien, Gundam, Toku and much more!

We go so much in this order!  Lets start with....Tokusatsu! 

My favorite this week is our nanoblocks!  I'm a sucker what can I say? We got in Nanoblock Kamer Rider 2 and New Cyclone, Nanoblock Kamen Rider V3 & Hurricane, Nanoblock Kamen Rider Fourze Base States and Nanoblock Kamen Rider Wizard Flame.  Lots of fun!

Tokku fans will also be pumped to see the DX Tokkyu Blaster, DX Ressha Gattai Den-O, DX Shift Car Set 2 and DX Tokkyu Oh & Tokkyu Charger Set.  We also got some Tokku blind box:  Kamen Rider Drive Puzzles and Kamen Rider Drive Cards.  


Not done with Tokku yet!  From Sh Figuarts we got in Bio Rider (Kamen Rider Black RX), AKA Ranger and Kamen Rider Agito Shining Form.  


Everyone's favorite!  SG Lock Seed Part 7:  Kachidoki, Peach, Faiz, Ryuki and New Den-O!  


In other Tokku awesomeness we got in some cool Godzilla stuff!  My favorite is the SH Monsterarts Godzilla Accessory set 2 and the SH Monsterarts TOHO Ultimate Weapon Set.  SOOOO COOOOOOL!  Some of our customers were quick to snap these up and shared the below picture. SKEOOOOONNNK!  


Godzilla fans will also love our Godzilla Egg of Burning Godzilla.  We also got Ultraman Ginga Strium eggs!  Eggs transform into your favorite characters! Here are the other egg versions we have!


For Ultraman fans we also got some cool vinyl figures:  Ultra Monster #67 Inperizer and #68 Alien Metron.  We also got a Chiki Mon: King Joe. Chiki Mon figures have wheels so you can roll your monsters around!  


We also got in SH Monsterarts Alien Big Chap.  Pretty creepy and highly pose able.


For our Star Wars fans we got in Kubrick Star Wars DX Series' 1 and 2.  Each set comes with an extra piece to build either Jaba the Hutt or Imperial AT-ST!  We also got silicone trays featuring Boba Fett!  Make ice, jello or bake me some brownies! Check out our R2D2 Star Wars tray here!  


Now for the Anime! Favorite hands down is the Kill La Kill gashapon. Super adorable and I want every single item including:  Ryuko, Houka Inumuta, Ira Gamagouri, Uzu Sanageyama, Nonon, Nui Harime and Mako regular, eating, sleeping and hanging upside down version.  


We also got blind box Kill La Kill buttons and Figma Ryuko!  

Fairy Tail fans will love the 1/7th Scale Natsu Dragneel and blind box Fairy Tail Guild Emblems.  


We got a restock on Shimakaze no Rensouho-chan--ADORABLE!


From SH Figuarts we got Pokemon Maga Bursyamo.  

We also got in Revoltech Tachikoma Blue Version from Ghost in the Shell and Legacy of Revoltech Jagi from Fist of the Northstar.  


For DBZ we got Majin Buu Outbreak stacking set.  Stack 9 Buu's which are all adorable.  We also got some Dragon Ball Z Kai trading figures from Mascot Burst Set 08.  

 From Certain Scientific Railgun we got an adorable Cu-Poche Mikoto Mikasa figure.  


Not to be outdone in cuteness, we got a of Figma Miku version 2.0.  

One of the creepier items we got is Kiseju Migi trading figures.   


From the Evangelion movies we got a great 1/10 Scale Illustrious Mari.  

 For Naruto fans we got a Sasuke thermal bottle which changes designs with hot or cold liquids.  


Rayearth fans rejoice!  We got trading figures featuring all your favorite characters.   


For our Gundam builders we got  HGUC 1/144 Kshatriya Repaired Plastic Model.


Sailor Moon Crystal blind box posters! Adorable posters featuring one of the sailor scouts.  


In Video Game goodies we got in some classic titles:  Kingdom Hearts Trading Figures and Final Fantasy Trading Figures:  


Mother 2 Stand Figures which are adorable!  

Ultra detailed and highly pose able Play Arts Kai Kazuya Mishima from Tekken TT2.  

Last but not least we got in the SH figures Michael Jackson "Smooth Criminal."  This figure is fantastic and can even do the leaning pose!  Comes with a shadow accessory for a base.  AMAZING!   




Overlord Fate said:

The ultimate attack on my wallet. ill have to give up brand name cereal for a while.

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