Nendoroids, Naruto, Street Fighter and other awesome things you didn't even know you needed.

So, we here at Nakama are sad to see Naruto go.  So in celebration lets start off this week's blog with amazing stuff! Our new Silicone tray from Kotobukiya features 5 molds:  1 large and 2 small Narutos, 1 small version of Naruto's failed Beast Mode and 1 small Rasen Shuriken.  We also have a green tray featuring Karachi, Minato and Jiraiya.  Your favorite baddies are also represented in a blue Itachi and Sasuke tray.  These trays are fantastic because you can do about 10 gazillion things with them including baking.  Yes, make Naruto brownies and bring them to Nakama Toys (2504 N California).  I will eat them.  You can also make jello and of course ice cubes.  If you make ice--add a little food coloring so they pop.  


In other Naruto awesomeness we got some cool thermal bottles.  One features Naruto with the Naruto Shippuden logo on one side and the titular ninja on the other performing the Rasen Shuriken technique, complete with shadow clones. Best part is the bottle changes designs when cold: an energy pattern around the logo and the Rasen Shuriken appear and disappear when the bottle is filled with liquids of different temperatures. The Sasuke bottle features a pattern around the logo and the energy effect behind Sasuke which appear and disappear when the bottle is filled with liquids of different temperatures.  


One Piece fans can also get in on the silicone tray fun.  One features Nami, Robin & Sanji and the other Luffy.  Super cute!  


We also got a great Portrait of Pirates Marshal D Teach aka Blackbeard with highly detailed weapons, removable captains jacket, interchangeable hands and head, and more. 


Nendoroid collectors this is your lucky day!  We got six types and they are unicorn baby levels of cute. New nendoroids include: Ai NanasakiRicca Morizono, Ricotta Elmar, Nanoha Takamachi Exelion Mode Edition, Kana Minami and Akiho Senomiya.  























We also got a restock of Revoltech Himura Kenshin.  This Revoltech delivers great articulation as well as multiple weapons, faces and effects.  


For our Gundam fans we got Revoltech Muv-Luv Alternative Shinranui Type-94 and Super Hornet. Both figures are highly possible and come with extra hands and parts!  



Persona fans we got a beautiful 1/8 Scale statue of Lisa Silverman.  

From Play Arts Kai we also got Cammy White Variant.  Very poseable and great detail.  


For our Superman fans we got ArtFX New 52 Superman.  7 1/2 inches tall (in the ARTFX+ 1/10th scale) on his included magnetic display base. 


Last but not least we got a great 1/7 Scale Bishhoujo Freddy Krueger.  Highly detailed and sculpted to match Jason or any of your other Bishoujo statues.

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