By the power of the moon: Sailor Moon Gift Ideas!

This week we got a bunch of AMAZING Sailor Moon gashapon and accessories! Just in time for holiday shopping! I can't wait to get myself a set of the bags (this is Mary, not Bryan).  The question is do I go Usagi & Chibiusa  or Sailor Warriors?  Adorable!  The Usagi and Chibiusa set comes with a tote bag, lunch bag and makeup bag. The pattern features Usagi, Moon Rod, and Chibiusa ball.

The Sailor Warriors set includes a tote bag, lunch bag, makeup bag and coin purse. This set features Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Scouts.  Adorable! The tiny moon charms are the best detail!  





We also got a set of smaller 150 piece puzzles featuring Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon Crystal animation style.  


Don't forget to check out the rest of our awesome Sailor Moon goodies like the SH Figurarts Sailor Moon, Mercury and Saturn as well as our blind box Sailor Moon Posters and Phone Charms!  

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