Godzilla Gift Ideas: Skeoooonk!

Its that time of year and we at Nakama can't think of a better gift than Godzilla toys.  Can you?  No, I didn't think so. Lets start with our newest and most bad ass: SH Monsterarts MechaGodzilla Type-3 Kiryu Heavy Arms. He's coming out of a severe battle and comes with interchangeable parts.  Kiryu Heavy Arms can transform into a "High Mobility Type" and "Heavy Arms Type." He comes with an originally crafted back unit, right hand unit and repaired head piece. Dude.  I want one.  


As many of you know I love Space Godzilla. This means I need our new SH Monsterart Mogera.

Now, as a collector that likes to play with my toys I can't recommend enough these Godzilla Accessory Packs.  The Godzilla Accessory pack features damaged buildings and an atomic ray!  The Toho Weapons Set includes planes and damaged buildings.  Yeah, you need this.  


Now, its not all about SH Monsterarts.  We also have some great godzilla stuff for under $20.  One of our newest is these great Godzilla Prints in yellow, green or silver!  


The Godzilla Eggs are really fun!    



2014 Godzilla


We also have great 2014 Godzilla Gashapon from Bandai:


Not to be left out, we have the awesome Godzilla Collection featuring Mechagodzilla, 2004 or 2014.  


Don't forget to check out our huge selection of Godzilla collectibles including SH Monsterarts Rebirth Godzilla, 2014 Godzilla, Gigan, Mothra & Batara Set and Space Godzilla.  SKEOOOOONK! 

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