Star Wars Gifts Ideas

Its getting close to that December 25th deadline but not to worry, we at Nakama Toys have you covered! Have you met someone who doesn't love Star Wars stuff? I've met maybe a few people but they were weird, bad people and you can't weird, bad people right? Exactly.  So, what do we have you ask!?  

Kotobukiya Silicone Trays are a great gift.  These trays can be used for jello, ice and baking temperatures up to 446 degrees F.  If you use the trays for ice cubes a little bit of food coloring makes them pop!  I myself used R2D2 to make a lovely cake!  

R2D2 Silicon Tray 
Now, if you want to really make that Star Wars fan squee with happiness scoop up the ArtFX Darth Vader.  


One of the coolest items we have in stock is the Home Star Darth Vader Planetarium. Vader projects over 10,000 stars and Tie Fighters.  


Now, I haven't attempted this yet, but we got some great Star Wars models from Bandai too!  Put together Darth Vader, a X-Wing or Tie Fighter!   

Need some stocking stuffers?  Kubrick Star Wars figures are perfect!  Buy one storm trooper or the entire set to make the bonus figure.  
Happy Holidays!  

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