Tokusatsu Gift Ideas

Henshin!  Or it's Morphin Time!  Either way the best place to get your Toku Toys in Chicago is Nakama Toys!  We currently have 4 Kamen Rider Belts in stock including Den-O, Decade, Drive, and OOO's.  The Super Best Belts come with all accessories you need to Henshin!  The Drive Brace comes with Speed and Nova, but we also have series 1,2, and 3 of the Shift Cars!

Of course if you don't like wearing your Toku we have a great selection of SH Figuarts including Power Rangers, AkaRenger, and more!


We also have lots of stocking stuffers including Ultraman and Godzilla Eggs, Chiki Mon Kaiju, Lock Seeds, and more!


Shawn Tucker said:

That DX Super Best Decade is calling out to me… I’m coming to pick one up this Friday…

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