Legend of Zelda Figures!

What better way to say "Happy Holidays," to your favorite person than awesome Link figures!? Arguably one of the best characters of all time comes, Link is now a Real Action Hero, Nendoroid and a Figma!


Figma Link comes with his Master Sword, sword slash, faces, and shields. 


Nendoroid Wind Waker Link comes with tons of great expressions.  His Hero's Sword, Hero's Shield, a Heart Container and the important Wind Waker itself are all included to truly bring out the Legend of Zelda experience!


From the Legend of Zelda series comes the Hero of Hyrule, Link.  This highly detailed Real Action Hero figure 2 interchangeble facial expressions and 3 eye parts, weapons and accessories plus a display stand.  He stands 30cm-tall (12") 

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