Happy Holidays from Nakama Toys

Celebrating our first Christmas and New Years at 2504 N California Ave. is very special and exciting.  We've done so much this year and we are very proud and thankful.  We couldn't have done any of this without the help of our wonderful friends and family.  Thank you all so much for the support be it in Facebook shares, free labor or paper towels.  It means so much and we are truly grateful.  Here are some of the years shenanigans.  Thanks so much everyone!

Happy Holidays from Nakama Toys!  
C2E2 2014
Mary met Hacksaw Jim Duggan at The Squared Circle C2E2 After Party
Promoting Kaiju Big Battel at the best bar in Chicago, The Squared Circle!  
Party bus to Kaiju Big Battel with wild and dangerous Kaiju
Bryan was a heel ref.  Kaiju Big Battel was SO MUCH FUN!  
Our store opened at 5pm July 18th!  It was amazing!  
We love all the new friends we've made!  You guys make this so much fun!  
Ain't no party like a TMNT Pizza Party, cause a TMNT Pizza Party don't stop!  
Happy Holidays everyone!  What a great year!  

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