Best of Capcom!

Capcom ya'll.  Need I say more?  Ok, probably a little more.  Well, we have tons of really cool Capcom stuff!  So here are our favorites!  

Monster Hunter Nyan Nyan Stick.  This thing is AMAZING.  Its to scale....you wear the Cat head as a shield and beat others people with the paw.  YEAH.  AMAZING!

Capcom 30th Anniversary Deskmats with nostalgic scenes are from  Ghosts n Goblins and Monster Hunter.  These can be used as mousepads.  

Lastly, comes SH Figuarts Zero! Zero comes with bunches of weapon accessories like the Z-Saber, laser pistol Buster Shot, or the lance-like Triple Rod.  He also comes with a shield accessory, one interchangeable expression and 3 additional hand parts.

Be sure to check out the rest of our awesome Capcom merch including puzzles, figures and buttons!  

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