Assault Kingdom Gundam are AMAZING!

As many of you have witnessed in store, I LOVE to play with my Assault Kingdom Figures.  These $7.00 figures are highly poseable.  They are incredibly detailed and come with tons of accessories like guns, javelins or extra hands.  Best of all they include stands for display. Collect an entire set and they can be displayed together.  Yeah, they are the best!  

Gundam Assault Kingdom #5 includes:  Gundam Exia Repair II, O Gundam (combat deployment type), Jegan, Zaku II 

Gundam Assault Kingdom #7 includes: Guncannon, RX-78-2, Rick Dias and GM Gundams


In all its gigantic glory Kshatryia Repaired Version comes with tons of accessories, weapons, and larger features to stay in scale with it's Assault Kingdom counterparts.


Although not part of the Assault Kingdom Line, I have to share one more favorite:  Gundam Cosmic Light.  This new series come with LED display stands which make the transparent gundam glow in purple or green! Gundams include: QUBELEY, Z Gundam, V Gundam  and Qubeley MK-II.

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