New Goodies for January: Bishoujo, Art FX and Gashapon!

Ohhhhhh we got some really awesome stuff in today!  Lets start with our new Bishojous which are beautifully detailed statues from Kotobukiya.  

Bishoujo Batgirl from Batman the Animated Series and the Arkham Asylum video games comes the crown queen of crime.  Sculpted by Kotobukiya this figure is perfect for any DC or Batman fan

We also got the beautiful Bishoujo Jason Voorhees.  Voorhees stands in a relaxed pose in her tattered pants, top, and jacket with the iconic machete in one hand and an axe held over her shoulder. The scraps of her clothing reveal quite a bit of skin and her muscular physique, while her cute face is partly obscured by the nightmarish hockey mask strapped to the side of her head! 

 Next up is Han Solo and Chewbacca join the Art FX Kotobukiya line up.  This is a snap fit, painted kit that is easy to assemble and will go great with the other Art FX figures in the Star Wars line.


While he's not a statue, Fat Chocobo is bringing some much needed cuteness and fatness to Nakama.  10.5 inches wide by 16 inches tall.  

It wasn't all statues and plush today.  We also got great gashapon from DBZ and Naruto.  Check out these adorable blind boxed Naruto and Akatsuki Part 1 Petit Chara Land figures from Megahouse.  

Not to be outdone, we also got Capsule R Legendary Warrior Super Saiyan figures.   Each blind box figure is designed to display an event in the Dragonball Z saga.



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