Lots of great Transformers merch this week!  Lets start with the amazing Masterpiece Bumblebee!  

Bumblebee even comes with his blaster weapon, Daniel who also transforms! 

Next up we have these fantastic Nanoblock Bumblebee   and Optimus Prime. Both Nanoblock sets are controllable from a phone app!!!   


EX Gohkin Transformers Grimlock features a new sculpt including a number of points of articulation and is cartoon accurate.  He also includes interchangeable hands, energy sword, blasters, blue eyed head, and stand.


 Ex Gohkin Transformers Optimus Prime also features a new sculpt and numerous points of articulation, the Autobot Matrix in the Chest, and is cartoon accurate.  He also includes interchangeable hands, energy axe, blaster, and stand.  

From Revoltech, don't miss out on the rerelease of this classic movie version Optimus Prime



Also from Revoltech come Hot Rodimus and Legacy of Revoltech Optimus Prime


Transformers GO! Trading Figures!  The 9th in this Kabaya series features 3 transforming models from Transformers GO!    


Miguel said:

What’s price on grimlock and bumble bee?


Nakama Toys said:

Grimlock is $150.00 and Bumblebee is $70.

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