New Goodsmile Company Toys!

We've got some really great toys coming from Goodsmile US.  First lets start with the Figma Plus line.  We're getting 2 new playsets in the line.  The first is the Classroom set, that includes 2 desks, a backdrop and 2 stages.  Perfect to recreate your favorite school scenes!

The second is the outside settings, which is perfect for certain Bike Riding Otaku or just a long stroll home with your favorite Vocaloid!  This one includes various street items.

Finally, you can't have Figma Plus, without some Figma!  Super Sonico is coming your way, and celebrating the summer even in the dead of winter!  With Volleyballs, Beach Balls, and more, this will be perfect to get you through the rest of winter.

In Nendoroid action we are excited for 2 new Nendo's.  First is Sinon from Sword Art Online 2, with Rifle, different faces, and more, Sinon is a must have for SAO fans.

And celebrating Card Captor Sakura comes Sakura Kinomoto.  With Wand, card hand, floating wand, and more, this is a can't miss to the launch of our Card Captor Sakura Merch.

Finally for our GSR and Vocaloid fans we've got some big stickers for your locker, laptop, or anything else!

Remember, Good Smile items go fast and are usually never reproduced.  So act now before these amazing toys are gone forever!

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