The Big Shipment Part 6! You thought it was a blog post, but it's JOJO Toys!

ORA!ORA!ORA!  New Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Toys are in stock at Nakama Toys!  First comes a fearsome duo that is a must have for any Stardust Crusaders fan!  From the Super Action Hero series comes Joseph Joestar and Iggy!  With Photos, interchangeable hands and more.

And of course Iggy needs his Stand!  The Fool Statue from De Molte Bene is also available and is in scale with the Super Action Hero.

Finally from Bandai comes Keshi Style figures of your favorite Jojo characters.  The mini figures are randomly packaged, but they are all awesome!

All these figures are available now at www.nakamatoys.com and 2504 N California Ave Chicago IL, 60647



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