The BIG Shipment Part 8! Sailor Moon Gashapon

By the power of the moon!  We have new awesome toys!  We've got 5 new Sailor Moon Gashapon for all of our Sailor Scouts!

From Bandai we have 4 new collectible gashapon.  First is the wildly popular Rod & Stick series.  These are perfect for cosplay or just to display!

Also from the Candy line we have the first series of Twinkle dolly figures.  Including all your favorite Sailor Scouts and Chibi Usa.  They come riding their respective wands. 

In Gashapon we also have Cameo Charms featuring classic broaches of your favorite Sailor Moon Characters and Tuxedo Mask.  Also we have Diecast Charms of Sailor Moon's accessories, this is the second set and looks great!

Finally we have charms of each of the Sailor Scout Uniforms.  Each one comes with a strap to attach to your backpack or favorite accessory.

These toys are available now at 2504 N California Ave in Chicago or www.nakamatoys.com

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