New Revoltech

We've got a huge shipment of Revoltech classics coming in from Trigun, Evangelion, Metal Gear Solid, and Yotsuba!

First one of our most popular figures is getting restocked, Snake from Metal Gear Solid!  These Revoltech Mini figures pack a lot of detail in smaller scale.  Don't miss out on this second chance to pick up everyone's tactical espionage specialist!

From Trigun, Vash the Stampede is making a much anticipated reissue.  One of the most demanded and hard to find Revoltechs, this figure is a can't miss for any fan of the $$60,000,000,000 man.


We'll also have 2 new Evangelion Figures.  First the Eva Unit 1, including all parts that made the first one such a success!

Also from the End of Evangelion comes the Mass Production Revoltech's with Wings and Weapons.

Finally From Yotsuba comes 3 new Revoltech Figures.  First is the Mini Danboard Revoltech Figure!  Perfect to go with the big Danboard!

We'll also have a full size Dan Board that will have a removable head to be interchanged and is also fully poseable.

Finally Yotsuba is also joining Danboard!  She is going to come with all of her awesome accessories to make her cute as can be.

All these are available now on our website or 2504 N California Ave, Chicago IL 60647.




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