New Nendoroid

Goodsmile's most popular brand is getting fully stocked today, with new releases including Batman, new Love Live! Nendo's, Date A Live, Solid Snake, and more!

First Batman is based on the Dark Knight series movies, and is adorable!  This isn't the Batman figure you need, it's the Batman figure you deserve!

From Love live! comes 2 new figures, from the performance of 'Bokura wa Ima no Naka de' Eli Ayase and Kotori Minami.

From Date A Live comes Kurumi Tokisaki wearing her Goth-Loli Astral Dress! 

 From Metal Gear Solid comes Snake ready to infiltrate Shadow Moses.  The cutest version of the son of Big Boss is finally here!


Finally from the romantic comedy anime series 'Nisekoi' comes Kosaki Onodera

If that's not enough we have 3 Nendoroid accessories to go along with these figures including 2 colors of sleeping bags, that can be used as keychains, and Swimsuit bodies!


All these are available now on our web-site or 2504 N California Ave in Chicago!



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