From Asmus Toys. Introducing the Yu Yu Hakusho Hiei 1/6 Collectible Action FIgure Lux Version, a meticulously crafted masterpiece by Asmus Toys. This collector's item features two fully articulated Asmus Brain bodies, providing dynamic posing possibilities. The set includes three head sculpts: one with no expression, one roaring, and one with a smirk, each capturing the essence of the iconic character, Hiei. For a variety of poses, the figure comes with multiple hand options, including relaxed hands, fists, weapon-grasping hands, and bandaged hands. The accessories are equally impressive, featuring a diecast alloy blade with scabbard, a broken blade, Shyaouensatsukokuryuuha and Jao Ensatsu-Ken effects, and the distinctive Ice Tear Stone. The exclusive base and stand, adorned with the Yu Yu Hakusho logo, provide a fitting display for this extraordinary figure. Dressed in a stylish ensemble, Hiei sports a black sleeveless top, two pairs of black trousers, a navy blue sleeveless top, a black robe, and various belt options. The intricately detailed bandage sleeves and black boots complete the look. With its exceptional attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship, this Hiei figure is a must-have for Yu Yu Hakusho enthusiasts and collectors alike.