Action Figure Super Action Statue: Pannacotta Fugo


Pannacotta Fugo, one of the Passione Gang members from "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Vento Aureo," returns to the Super Action Statue action figure line! This line boasts excellent articulation, and comes with a multi-jointed display stand, so you can recreate all the must-have poses from JoJo.

Fugo comes with two expressions: a stoic look and an angry, shouting look. He includes several optional hand parts to make the most of the other included accessories, and to get accurate poses. A broken mirror is included from his fight with Illuso's stand, Man in the Mirror. 

Other accessories: the stapler he uses to close Guido's wound, the fork he stabs Narancia with, and a wristwatch. He stands about 15cm tall.