Scale Statue Ani Statue Saber Swimsuit


The main heroine from the wildly popular anime and visual novel game “Fate” series is back once again with a brand new look from the Fate/Hollow Ataraxia sequel set a year after Fate/Stay Night,
SABER SWIMSUIT VER! While Bazett and Shiro try to escape the time loop and the 5
Holy Grail War, Saber leaves her customary armor behind for a day at the beach. The Holy
Grail warrior is captured as she stretches, standing on the sand dressed in a simple white bikini with
purple ties that match the ribbon in her hair. Saber looks like she doesn’t have a care in the world
with acute grin on her face and her big green eyes gazing at you. Sculpted by Shou Kojima, the swimsuit-wearing Saber stands 9 ½ inches tall atop a highly detailed beach display base complete with sand and a translucent water effect. A truly unique and beautiful rendition of the popular character, this statue looks great on her own and even better next to other Fate series Ani*Statues from Kotobukiya!