gunpla SD #19 Cross Silhouette Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee (Destroy Mode) & Banshee Norn Parts Set


"Unicorn Gundam Unit 2 Banshee" is lined up as a special set in the SD Gundam Cross Silhouette series! SD/CS frame is included and by rearranging the body a number of weapons can be used by the Banshee Norn. Be sure to add this SD Gundam to your collection!


- SD/CS frame included.

- Comes with a wealth of weapons that can reproduce Banshee / Banshee Norn in addition to the head and body by rearranging.

- 3D metallic seal for Armed Armor BS is included.

- Two types of eye expression stickers are included.



-Banshee/Banshee Norn Model Kit

-Armed armor BS 

-Armed armor VN 

-Armed armor DEx 

-Armed armor XC

-Beam magnum

-Revolving launcher

-2 Beam sabers


-3D Metallic seal