Action Figure Legacy of Revoltech Rei Ayanami


From Evangelion comes the child Rei Ayanami.  This figure includes multiple points of articulation.

Fraulein Revoltech "Rei" is, "Evangelion [broken]" series to a combined total of re-appeared in the latest of a movable structure. '08 Launch of the Series No.001 body structure was evolved as compared to the 1: The fuselage front is adopted soft PVC. And not interfere even succumbed before, it corresponds to the various poses. Part 2: hiding the rotating roll structure of the thigh to the inside, it has maintained a beautiful appearance. Part 3: wrist and the shaft moving two appearance-oriented, comes with a joint structure 11 kinds of mobile-oriented, corresponds to various poses, such as such as write up an open-hair hand-hold things. Part 4: In the face portion exchange, smile-bandage-face can be 3 pattern of expression of the time usually. Bangs-bandage wrist of dressing face comes, I will stoke the image. And Gendo Ikari glasses, NERV provision of mobile phone, comes with a display for the display stand.