Preorder Action Figure 1:12 Collective Guile


Preorder Date May 27th 2019

Release Date September-November 2019

Guile is a Major in the US Air Force who debuted as one of the original selectable eight characters in the 1991 Street Fighter II, and he is one of the most popular character used in the game. Guile is well known by his signature tall flattop haircut and unique fighting style combined Marital Art and Pro-Wrestling and his iconic moves are: Sonic Boom and Flash Kick

Brand new custom developed body

• 4 x Interchangeable Head Sculpts (featuring a injured


• 8 x Interchanging Hands

• 1 x Sonic Boom Effect on Hands

• 1 x Sonic Boom Effect

• 1 x Flash Kick Effect

• 1 x Sonic Boom Effect Stand

• 1 x Guile’s Comb

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