Action Figure Star Wars Powered by Transformers 01 TIE Advanced x1 with First-Limited Privilege



Mash up "Star Wars" with Transformers, and you get this awesome toy!  Darth Vader's custom TIE Advanced x1 transforms into a mighty robot!  A lightsaber for the robot form is included. As a first-release bonus, it also comes with a squad of 5 mini Stormtrooper figures!  (Later releases of this item will not include the mini Stormtrooper figures.) (The photo shows an unpainted version of this item's robot form; the final version will be painted, and we'll update the photo as soon as possible.)

[Set Contents]:

  • TIE Fighter Advanced x1
  • Lightsaber
  • Stormtrooper mini figures (x5) (first release only)