Preorder gunpla END OF HEROES ZOMBINOID AGONY Kotobukiya Model


Preorder Date November 2nd 2021

Release Date May-July 2022

--A new series of palm-sized movable plastic models [END OF HEROES] has started!

[What`s END OF HEROES? ]
A world in which the flames of sin by `great salvation` burned down civilization and order, and even their sins.

In a world where the dead awaken like the day of judgment written in an abandoned prophecy, and the vices are respected, the saint turns into a villain and the hunter turns into a bloodthirsty wolf, in the world of the story. Atypical people who could only have existed were slaughtered on the ground--

――A new series [END OF HEROES] sent by 1/24 scale plastic model!
――We will deliver all the outsiders suitable for the devastated world view in a palm-sized plastic model.
――Small scale full-scale characters will play an active role on your desk!
――The lineup selects motifs familiar to horror movies, action, and science fiction movies such as zombies, bandits, and hunters.
――If you have all the characters that will be released one after another, you will be in front of you like a movie theater. Yes, the director is you!

[Survey Report 1: Zombinoid Agony]
In a world dyed in light gray, the dry eyes, struck by the rain, standing alone, thinking about something, are like a philosopher who is still carrying the work of mankind and suffering from atonement. It looked like. I decided to leave softly, remembering feelings similar to pity and mourning, to the ruthlessness of the fate of endless suffering.
However, when I took my eyes off, I was bitten by a tremendous force!
Behind the glare of the eyes, which has changed completely from the previous one, a strong desire for fresh meat and a flame of grudge against the living are burning violently, and I am literally keenly aware that zombies are just zombies.

[Product specifications]
――Although it is the size of a palm with a total height of 75 mm, 30 joints can be moved throughout the body.
-In addition to the ball joint that connects to the head, the neck is equipped with a movable axis that moves back and forth, and the head is pushed forward greatly to make it take a zombie-specific pose that raises the face in a biting posture or in a crawling state. It is possible.
――The shoulder has a wider range of movement by moving the pectoralis major muscle forward. You can grab it and bite it on your neck.
――The wrist parts are made of PVC to reproduce the rigor mortis expression.
-Zombie noid Agony comes with replacement parts for arms and legs, and you can create your own zombie by recombining these parts.
――A 3mm shaft hole is provided on the back, and you can use the separately sold mini flying base to take actions unique to zombies such as jumping and blowing.
--The clear red molded blood clot effect parts that are commonly attached to zombies can be used as a pedestal by connecting to the mini flying base, and are also useful for reproducing zombie movies.
-The main body is molded in 4 colors. The hair on the head is painted, and you can immediately play as a zombie just by assembling it.

[set content]
・ Main body x 1
・ Optional parts arm x 1
・ Optional parts foot x 1
・ Blood pool effect x 1

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