Release Date January-April 2022

・The hip joint unit is newly redesigned to accommodate more dynamic posing.

・Each claw of the Plasma Talons can be posed individually, allowing for a variety of expressive poses.
・Use the included attachment to equip the separately sold WEAPON UNIT 30 Belt Links to the Gatling Gun and
increase the amount of ammunition.
・The base of the Tail Blade is reconfigured for easier use, including the ability to move the blades left and right or lock
them when stowed.
・The cockpit includes new steering and step units, making it easier for a Governor model to ride in it. The step unit is
articulated to accommodate Governor models.
・The Plasma Cannon can be attached to Voltrex Wrath or removed and used with separately sold Governor models.
・The Predator Bite on the head can be opened and closed. The included extension mount part can also be attached to
both cheeks.
・By using the upper leg extension joint parts, users can create a variety of customizations with this model.
Included Items:
・Voltrex Wrath Model x1
・Upper Leg Extension Joint Parts x2
・Gatling Gun Extension Attachment x1
・Extension Mount Part x1
・Archive Card x1

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