Preorder gunpla PLAMAX GP-05 Guilty Princess Underwear Body Girl Jelly


Delivery Date September-December 2023


Female Prisoner 102: Soft and Fluffy Powerhouse From the "Guilty Princess" plastic model series by Tony x Max Factory comes Underwear Body Girl Jelly, a Battle Maiden who competes for power in an underground arena! · The model is based on designs by Tony and created by Max Factory. · This model kit makes use of snap-fit connections for easy assembly. · A flexible plastic is used in specific areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability. · Four pre-painted face plates including a standard face plate, a glaring face plate, a face plate with her tongue sticking out and a blushing face plate are included. · A blank face plate and eye decals are included as well. · Optional parts include a leg shackle and her flail, Jail Crusher. · A metal chain to attach the shackle to the ball is included as well. · In addition to the standard leg parts, bare leg parts and cross-legged parts are included. · Three types of ball-jointed neck parts (4mm ball, 5mm ball, 6mm ball) are included for attaching various head parts, such as from other Maidroid plastic models or from the "GODZ ORDER" series. · Hand parts are made from PVC. · An articulated stand is included to display the plastic model in a variety of poses. *PLAMAX Maidroid Chole is not included.