Preorder Scale Statue CAPCOM FIGURE BUILDER CUBE MONSTER HUNTER 4 Figure Set Box (Rathalos / Zinogre / Malzeno / Amatsu)



Release Date March-May 2024

Capcom brings us a new "Monster Hunter" figure series -- the CUBE series focuses on easy-to-collect prices and quality, with all the detail cultivated in their high-end models, with sculpting and coloring created by top artists! 3D creator Keita Okada, who's done work with the "CFB" creator's model series, is responsible for this first lineup, and this boxed set of four beautiful beasts is the perfect debut for this new lineup! There are four different monsters to collect and trade, and you'll get one of each; all measurements shown below include each figure's base. Order yours now!

  • [Materials]: PVC, ABS


  • [Rathalos Size]: Approximately 14.5cm wide, 10.4cm high, 10.2cm deep
  • [Zinogre Size]: Approximately 11.1cm wide, 10.9cm deep, 10.6cm high
  • [Malzeno Size]: Approximately 14cm high, 12.5cm wide, 10.9cm deep
  • [Amatsu Size]: Approximately 13.7cm high, 13.2cm deep, 12.6cm wide

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