Action Figure Revoltech Domo-Kun


  It's Domo-kun, the official mascot of Japan's public broadcasting system, NHK! Highly detailed and highly articulated, the figure includes five pairs of interchangeable eyes, chopsticks and a bowl of rice, a microphone, and a TV (the weather's on right now!) and a remote. Domo-kun also has an extra pair of hands with "thumbs," so he can hold notes for you! A stand is also included, as is a Revocontainer to keep all his spare bits in when he's not using them. This mighty symbol of Japanese pop culture stands about 10cm (4 inches) tall, and he's ready to come live with you today! P.S. Domu-kun likes snacks, so if you have snacks at your house when he gets there, that'd be great. 

Package Size/Weight:22.0 x 21.7 x 6.5 cm / 320g