What is better than chocolate? Toys and chocolate!

Get some sweets for your sweet!  
Grab a new Shodo Neo Golden Frieza


Okashi Goodies

In each and every Okashi box  will include Pocky, a fruit chew and a little surprise! It might be a chocolate Mario or Hello Kitty pop or some Ramune Candy or even gashapon.  Here are some of our favorites!  

Attack on Titan Candies

Hello Kitty Chocolate Pop

Hi Chew

Ramune Candy

Fizzy Soda Candies



Okashi Box Kit Kats and Oreos!

Each Okashi Box features your choice of cake Oreos or Kit Kats!  Kit Kats are a Japanese favorite featuring hundreds of flavor combinations.  We currently stock green tea, strawberry and  Apple Pie!  Our Oreos are strawberry or vanilla creme plus strawberry candy bars. New types are always coming in so get your Okashi box now!  
Apple Pie Kit Kats
Strawberry Kit Kats
Strawberry Oreo Candybar
Strawberry Oreo


DIY Candy

In every Okashi Box enjoy a Do it Yourself Candy kit!  These kits are delicious and a lot of fun! 

DIY Gummy Hamburgers


DIY Chocolate 


Okashi Box!

Introducing Nakama Toys' Okashi Box! Okashi is Japanese for pastries, sweets, candy, and more.  Each Okashi box will come with a pack of Japanese soft Oreo's or Kit Kats (please select), a box of Japanese Biscuit Sticks (Pocky, Pretz, etc), Japanese gum or soft candy (for example hi chew), and a DIY candy kit.  We'll also throw in a surprise like candy, gashapon, or other fun items from Nakama Toys!



One Year Anniversary Sales!

Celebrate Nakama Toys’ One Year Anniversary all month long!

From June 20th to July 18th we will have 20% off select merchandise every week!  

  • June 20-27th Free accessory pack with any HG or higher model kit purchase and 20% off all T-shirts and bags.
  • June 28th-July 4th 20% off all Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.
  • July 5th-July 11th 20% off all statues and Real Action Hero
  • These sales are in store only.  All discounts are subject to change and may not include certain items.  Discount will be taken at the register.

ONLINE:  Take 15% off the entire site from June 20th to July 18th.  

  • Simply enter coupon code ANNIVERSARY at checkout
  • Does not include Preorders

From June 20th to July 18th spend at least 50 dollars in store and you will be entered to win a raffle.  Prizes include:

  • 1st prize:  $100
  • 2nd prize:  $75
  • 3rd prize:  $50
Winners will be announced on our 1 year anniversary July 18th at 6:30pm.  Must be present to win! Following the raffle, we will all head down to Logan Arcade for some games and festivities!  We can't wait to celebrate with you!  


New Nendoroid

Goodsmile's most popular brand is getting fully stocked today, with new releases including Batman, new Love Live! Nendo's, Date A Live, Solid Snake, and more!

First Batman is based on the Dark Knight series movies, and is adorable!  This isn't the Batman figure you need, it's the Batman figure you deserve!

From Love live! comes 2 new figures, from the performance of 'Bokura wa Ima no Naka de' Eli Ayase and Kotori Minami.

From Date A Live comes Kurumi Tokisaki wearing her Goth-Loli Astral Dress! 

 From Metal Gear Solid comes Snake ready to infiltrate Shadow Moses.  The cutest version of the son of Big Boss is finally here!


Finally from the romantic comedy anime series 'Nisekoi' comes Kosaki Onodera

If that's not enough we have 3 Nendoroid accessories to go along with these figures including 2 colors of sleeping bags, that can be used as keychains, and Swimsuit bodies!


All these are available now on our web-site or 2504 N California Ave in Chicago!




Tamashii Nations Dragonball Z

We've got 2 new SH Figuarts from the wildly popular Dragonball Z Tamashii Nations line!  First is the brand new Vegetto!  This brand new figure features interchangeable heads, hands, and more! 

Also due to VERY popular demand Super Saiyan Gohan is getting a rerelease at a very reasonable price.  The figure still has all the same accessories, faces, and hands of the original!

These figures are now available at the web-site and our store 2504 N California Ave Chicago IL 60647



Goodsmile Statues

Goodsmile is one of the best statue manufacturers in Japan, and we've got some new ones from Kill La Kill, Samurai 2020, and Dramatical Murder.

First up is Kiryuin Satsuki in her Junketsu outfit.  This statue is a must have for any fan of this amazing Anime.

From Sega's role-playing game, '7th Dragon 2020' comes another a 1/7th scale figure of Katanako as a Samurai but with darker colors!

Finally from Dramatical Murder comes Aoba, this is a rerelease of a long sold out statue so don't miss out on the second chance to pick one up!

All statues are available now on our web-site and 2504 N California Ave, Chicago IL 60647


New Revoltech

We've got a huge shipment of Revoltech classics coming in from Trigun, Evangelion, Metal Gear Solid, and Yotsuba!

First one of our most popular figures is getting restocked, Snake from Metal Gear Solid!  These Revoltech Mini figures pack a lot of detail in smaller scale.  Don't miss out on this second chance to pick up everyone's tactical espionage specialist!

From Trigun, Vash the Stampede is making a much anticipated reissue.  One of the most demanded and hard to find Revoltechs, this figure is a can't miss for any fan of the $$60,000,000,000 man.


We'll also have 2 new Evangelion Figures.  First the Eva Unit 1, including all parts that made the first one such a success!

Also from the End of Evangelion comes the Mass Production Revoltech's with Wings and Weapons.

Finally From Yotsuba comes 3 new Revoltech Figures.  First is the Mini Danboard Revoltech Figure!  Perfect to go with the big Danboard!

We'll also have a full size Dan Board that will have a removable head to be interchanged and is also fully poseable.

Finally Yotsuba is also joining Danboard!  She is going to come with all of her awesome accessories to make her cute as can be.

All these are available now on our website or 2504 N California Ave, Chicago IL 60647.