Nakama Toys is a mom and pop store based in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood.  While our storefront opened in July 2014, our original blog started in 2011 to share toys we loved.   We chose the name "Nakama" because it means friendship in Japanese, a theme we attempt to replicate with each customer.  The original blog focused on Japanese collectables for the overall quality of the figures.  Bryan is a huge video game and anime collector.  Mary is an anime fanatic and a sci-fi nerd.  

Dynamic husband and wife duo (Bryan and Mary)

We met working retail together and loved that atmosphere so we thought, "Hey, lets try selling some imports at a convention!"  We started an online store in 2011 and worked our first convention, Louisville Arcade Expo, the same year.  The following spring we worked all the local Chicago conventions including C2E2, ACEN and G-fest and haven't stopped since.  We love the excitement of Chicago collectors so much!  Each convention has been a blast and the enthusiasm of our customers helped make it clear a retail store was in our future.  With an amazing amount of support and love from our friends, family and customers Nakama Toys opened in the beautiful Logan Square neighborhood.  Come by and nerd out with us! 

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