Preorder Scale Statue Portrait of Pirates NAMI VBB SP 20TH ANNIVERSARY


 Delivery Date:  November-January 2025

From MegaHouse. The ever-popular P.O.P ONE PIECE series is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and to commemorate the occasion, we are releasing Nami Ver.BB_SP from the Ver.BB (Bathing Beauty) series in a limited edition color! The color scheme for this product was decided by the fans during a special 20th anniversary voting project. Nami's well-received sculpt quality and dazzling smile are as stunning as ever, capturing her beautiful growth over 2 years with an outfit inspired by the one Nami wore at the time of the Straw Hat Crew's reunion. Filled with charm befitting the anniversary year, the figure features a bikini look that brings out all of Nami's qualities, along with a mug that incorporates the P.O.P. 20th Anniversary logo. It stands out as a unique piece from the previous edition.