Release Date  November-January

From Aoshima Bunka Kyozai Co. Introducing the Toho Monster Series "MechaGodzilla "KIRYU" in its formidable "Heavy Armor" iteration, meticulously replicating the specifications from "Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S." With new parts to recreate damaged components from "Godzilla x Mechagodzilla," enthusiasts can fully appreciate the redesigned KIRYU. Supervised by Mr. Shinji Nishikawa, the package features gorgeously redrawn illustrations. Standing approximately 240mm tall, this snap-type adhesive-free plastic model boasts color-coded molding for simplified assembly. Accessories include thigh verniers, replacement hands, a drill for the right hand, clear red eye parts, and face parts for scene reproduction. With its thorough design, this version aims to be the definitive representation of KIRYU, ensuring enthusiasts can fully appreciate its evolution.

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